Bedding That Feels Good. Guaranteed.

comfort.pngMain Category: Bedding 
Product Specialty: Comforters, Quilts, Sheets, Bed Toppers, Mattress Pads, Blankets and Innovative Bedding Products

Have you ever laid in bed and become so engulfed in ultimate comfort that you literally felt like you were a part of your bed? If so, then you know the meaning behind our name, “B” your bed. aims to provide the most comfortable bedding that feels even softer and plusher than it looks. Bedding that calls you to bed earlier each night and makes getting out of bed in the morning that much harder is what Byourbed is all about. Enjoy your sleep.

Original: Byourbed was the first retailer to provide Queen XL sized comforters and Comfort Proof® Tested Results. We launched with the goal to be the most unique and efficient online bedding supplier out there. Byourbed’s oversized comforters were purposely made larger for a better feel and overall more luxurious appearance on your bed. Our honest and accurate bedding specifications, which denote material, thread count, weight, dimensions, and other important product details, are backed by Comfort Proof® testing (independent lab reports). We want you to know you can confidently shop with us.


College Dorm Supplies Superstore

Main Category: College Dorm Supplies 
Product Specialty: Twin XL Bedding, Trunks, Rugs, Organizers, Safes, Laundry Bags, Shower Sandals and numerous other dorm essential products

DormCo is a one-stop shop for everything students need to make their college dorm room a comfortable, attractive, and efficient place to call home. Unlike most brick and mortar stores, who provide a limited selection of college supplies within a brief two-month time period, DormCo lives, breathes, and sleeps dorm supplies 365 days a year. You will find over 4,000 dorm supplies available every month of the year, not just during July and August. With a vast variety of products, along with affordable prices, has become a destination leader for students bound for dorm life.

Success: In 2012, DormCo made the Inc. 5000 list for Fastest Growing Independent Companies. DormCo’s 500% growth was a direct result of our reputation for providing customers with the largest and most authentic selection of useful and affordably priced dorm supplies.

Trademarked Brands: Iron Brick Safe®, Tusk® Organization, SWOL® Safes, VIN Tunks®, Texture Trunks®, Brotoga®, FUPA Pouch®, Me Sooo Comfy®, Are You Kidding®, Dueling Cooker®, Stop the Stink Sponge®, Drip Dry Shower Bag®, Zip Zag Laundry Bag®, Pouchside Caddy®, Cuppin’ Caddy®, Sorority College Trunk®, Headside Caddy®, Wormhole®.  To View more brands Shop @


Fully Customizable White Label Store

Main Category: Partnership Stores 
Specialty: Creating custom stores, powered by the Yak About It family of products to give universities and organizations their own white label Dorm Supply or Home Goods related product store.

College-Ave launched to fulfill a need that university and organization partners had. That need was to provide their students and customer-base with a custom-brand store powered by quality products with a focus on discounted packages that make choosing bedding and other essential living necessities easy and more affordable. College-Ave is proud to offer the best products of,, and all in one place.

Currently, the majority of College-Ave partners are within the collegiate sector. However, there are no limitations for accepting a wide range of industry partners. Any organization with a customer base can earn additional revenue by having a white label store for their consumers. The College-Ave program is cost free, requires no inventory, and is easy to get started as a turnkey opportunity.

Interesting: Launching as a valued university partner, College-Ave introduced ROODI, a lovable elephant that stands for: Review Other Options – Decide Informed. This eye-catching mascot helped to take on a collegiate industry that was previously dominated by one supplier. ROODI has helped to foster interest and partnerships with colleges and universities by offering a higher quality option for college dorm supplies.


Illuminate the Season

Main Category: Christmas Lighting and Supplies 
Product Specialty: Mini-Lights, C7/C9 Bulbs, Colorful Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Decorations

Primolights is a provider of a wide variety of inexpensive holiday lighting. Nothing is more creative, magical, or festive than the vibrant colors of holiday lights. We are proud to offer a vast assortment of colorful low-cost lighting and décor options. With Primolights, celebrating holidays and special events with lighting and decorations is affordable and fun.  We have hundreds of lights in countless colors and designs that will fit whatever decorating ideas you can dream up, from Christmas and Valentine’s Day to weddings and school events.

Investment: Primolights is the only Yak About It family of stores that was not launched from the ground up. Purchased in 2013, Primolights successfully transitioned to Yak About It, LLC, where it has especially flourished with crafters seeking to use our Mini-Lights to design a wide variety of custom light products for the purpose of resale both online and at craft shows. Primolights has maintained growth with little to no marketing investment. We credit our sales to word-of-mouth, low pricing and a repeat customer base.