We have created a score keeping koozie that allows you to keep score of all your outdoor games 0-21 home and away.

We live in Denver and are at the park every weekend and typically after a few drinks we start forgetting the score and the games would start taking forever. Instead of dragging a big score board out to the park with all our gear we decided to put the score keeping in your hands.

Inventor: Larry Witt

I came from the sports nutrition industry and have ran a few companies in my past. I am also very familiar with the manufacturing process so i knew who to contact to make this concept happen. Since we have launched i have slowly declined my roll in the sports nutrition industry and have focused more on developing Scorzie promotions and wholesale accounts.

We are a patented product and there is only one score keeping koozie in the world.

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Set this miniature LED Traffic Light necklace to illuminate either a steady red, yellow or green or have all three lights cycling. Party favors, nightclubs, send a message - green available - red: Ladies night out.


Came up with this product idea 10 years ago when the only led jewelry products were those annoying blinking pins. My first concept was a higher quality one but finances necessitated starting with this less expensive item. Selling through website and ebay but no luck picking up retailers yet.


Inventor: Donna Handforth

I'm 40 something, working as an Executive Assistant to pay the bills while trying to turn a profit from this item to be able to invest in my other designs and products.

I'm pleased to say this product that I designed, along with designing the packaging, has been sold all over the world. I've had orders from 32 countries.

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In our view, it’s time to expect more from your mattress. 150 years after the invention of the first coil bed, Somnium puts radically new, simple and smart spring design at its core:

  • Instead of two-dimensional up and down movement our springs move in every dimension and offer ergonomic omni-directional support.
  • Our TPEE elastomer springs are completely metal-free – and at the same time more durable, stronger and offer better flex-characteristics.
  • We have created the first comfort-zoned mattress with innersprings in different firmness grades: Softer springs allow the shoulder and pelvis to sink more deeply into the mattress while the lumbar spine receives more support from firmer springs – all in the same mattress
  • Connecting our hourglass-shapes springs at the center allowed us to eliminate motion transfer for more restorative rest.
  • Our unique springs and innovative product design allows air to flow freely through the mattress for the most comfortable sleep climate.
  • Increased air circulation and removable covers make our bed the most hygienic on the market: nighttime sweat can evaporate, covers can be machine washed and the food source of dust mites is simply eliminated. 

It’s the classic tale of something good coming out of a bad situation: I was in the middle of closing a retail store for high-end European sleep systems I had opened a few years earlier, because the economics just didn’t work out. As I was dismantling the inventory to discard it, literally every single piece of modern European sleep technology went through my hands – and suddenly realized how some of the pieces could fit together in a new, inventive way to create something much better than what I had the systems I had sold before.

Inventor:  Rainer Wieland

In a nutshell: I am an Austrian native. After studying economics for four semester at Johannes Keppler University in my hometown of Linz, I was hired by a renowned Austrian ad agency, where I worked my way up to become an Account Executive and gained experience about the mattress industry overseeing one of the agencies biggest accounts – a high-end mattress manufacturer. Eventually I moved to the US and saw an opportunity to merge American innersprings with modern European sleep technology in one unique and better product

The invention was created during one of the worst times in my life. The fact that our mattress is now available across the US and we have been gaining momentum even during the bleak economic times of the past few years shows that you should never give up on your dreams, no matter how tough times may seem.

In retrospect it turns out that the worst time of my life just was the beginning of an amazing future

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